The RayBeam multi-functional mmWave test system supports phased-array calibration, antenna measurements, and system test in one system. Its multi-beam-position test function makes phased-array antenna measurements fast and simple.  The RayBeam 5000 system is a high-end solution for large AUT (such as a space-borne antenna) with high precision. The RayBeam 1900 is a compact size mobile system that can be delivered quickly; it is also plug and play.  The system is suitable for mobile devices (such as satellite user terminals, mmWave UE, automotive radars) during R&D, and production test. The RayBeam 600 is a planar near-field scanner system; it is a cost-effective solution for phased-array antenna calibration and antenna measurement.  Key features include:

  • Phase and amplitude calibration, Antenna measurements, mmWave OTA measurements (spherical)
  • 5G Base station / automotive radar SATCOM mmWave measurements
  • Far-field measurement / Near field far-field transformation measurements
  • Fast multiple-beam states testing for phased array antenna (patented technology) of field source reconstruction
  • Fast and accurate
  • Compact size, lightweight, simple deployment
RayBeam 600RayBeam 1900RayBeam 5000
GeneralFunctionPhased-array antenna measurement / System performance measurement/Amplitude and phase calibration
ApplicationmmWave device / chip (AIP) / automotive radar / satellite antenna & user terminal measurement
TechnologyFF/Planar NF-FFFF/Spherical NF-FF
Frequency Band10GHz~40GHz (8GHz~50GHz option)8GHz~50GHz (10GHz~50GHz option)
Measurement ItemAntenna measurement: radiation pattern (amplitude & phase), beam pointing/width, null position/depth, sidelobe position/level, cross polarization, circular polarization ratio, etc.
System Performance: G/T, GD, SFD, EIRP, EIS, EVM, ACLR, SEM, etc.
Amplitude & phase calibration (for phased-array antenna)
DUTMax. SizeΦ95cm × 28cmΦ400cm × 200cm
Antenna Array Max Size60cm × 60cm50cm × 50cm; 10cm x 10cm (calibration)150cm × 150cm × 150cm
Max Weight50kg500kg
QZSize60cm × 60cm × 60cm50cm × 50cm x 50cm150cm × 150cm × 150cm
Reflection Level< -40dB (typical)
Probe AntennaTest Distance10cm~250cm110cm (75cm option)250cm
Scan Rangex/y: ±50cm±100° (±170°cm)±90°
Scanning Accuracy≤ ±0.01mm≤ ±0.05°≤ ±0.02°
Cross Polarization ratio≤ -40dB
TurntableRotation RangeAzimuth: ±5°; Elevation: ±5°0°~360°0°~180° Z
Rotation Accuracy≤ 0.01°≤ 0.05°≤ ±0.03°
X/Y AxisMovement range: ±50mm
Movement accuracy: ±0.01mm
Z AxisMovement range: 50mm Z axis
Movement accuracy: ± 0.1mm
AbsorbersBase MaterialEPP (expended polypropylene) / Honeycomb absorber (high power option)
Height100mm (200mm option)60mm (100mm option)100mm (200m option)
Power Tolerance1.2kW/m2 (10kW/m2 option)
ChamberDimensions (L×W×H)500cm x 300cm ×300cm274cm ×162cm ×206cm800cm × 690cm × 500cm
Door Size16cm × 65cm16cm × 65cmCustomizable
Spectrum AnalyzersRohde & Schwarz
Vector Network AnalyzersRohde & Schwarz
Signal GeneratorRohde & Schwarz