The RayPact CATR Series is a 5G FR2 OTA test & mmWave antenna test Automotive radar OTA test and 5G spurious emission test system.  Features include:

  • Complies with 5G NR FR2 3GPP and CTIA Wireless Standards, covering 6~110GHz
  • Maximum 100cm quiet zone, applicable to 5G mmWave UE, laptop, CPE, small cell base station and antenna, automotive radar
  • Improve the ratios between the areas of quiet-zone and reflector from 50% to 70%
  • Compact size, fast delivery, plug & play
  • Open software/hardware interface supports user-defined test cases
  • High precision with mechanical accuracy ±0.01°
  • Active/passive SISO, RF conformance, out-band spurious, and automotive radar OTA test
RayPact 600BRayPact 1000BRayPact 1500BRayPact 600C
GeneralApplicationAntenna/UE (user equipment)Antenna/UE/BS (base station)Antenna/UE/BSAntenna/UE/small cell BS/Automotive Radar/ Spurious Emission
CATR (compact antenna test range)
24-40GHz (extendable)6-110GHz (extendable)
Test CasesAntenna passive test, EIRP,TRP,TIS,EIS etc.Antenna passive test, EIRP, TRP, TIS, EIS; Radar antenna test, out-band-spurious test
60dB (typical)
CaseExterior Dimensions2100 x 960 x 1850mm3500 x 1600 x 2200mm4900 x 2500 x 3000mm2100 x 960 x 1850mm
TurntableAzimuth AxisInfinite rotation, speed 0-20°/s, repeatability accuracy±0.01°
Polarization Axis
Horizontal AxisN/AStroke customizable. Speed: 0-50mm/s, repeatability accuracy: ±0.05mm
Elevation AxisElevation stroke: ±30°, speed: 0-10°/s, repeatability accuracy: ±0.01°
DUTMax. Size35 x 35cm60 x 60cm100 x 100cm35 x 35cm
Max. Weight5kg15kg30kg5kg
Quiet ZoneDimensionsΦ0.4×0.4mΦ0.3×0.3mΦ0.7×0.7mΦ0.5×0.5mΦ1.0×1.0mΦ0.7×0.7mΦ0.3×0.3m
Amplitude Variation<2dB<1.5dB<2dB<1.5dB<2dB<2dB<1.5dB
Amplitude Taper<1.2dB<1dB<1.2dB<1dB<1.2dB<1.2dB<1dB
Amplitude Ripple<±0.5 dB<±0.5dB<±0.5dB<±0.5dB<±0.5dB<±0.5dB<±0.5dB
Phase Variation<20°<8°<20°<8°<15°<20°<8°
Phase Taper<5°<3°<5°<3°<5°<5°<3°
Phase Ripple<±4°<±3°<±4°<±3°<±4°<±4°<±3°
Cross Polarization≥28dB≥30dB≥28dB≥30dB≥28dB≥28dB≥30dB
Probe AntennaTypeCorrugated horn
PolarizationDual polarization
Frequency24GHz~40GHz (extendable)6GHz~110GHz (extendable)
AbsorbersBase MaterialEPP /Honeycomb (optional)
Height60mm/100mm (optional)
Absorbing Rate≥40dB (typical)
Withstand Power1.2kW/m2 (EPP) / 10kW/m2 (honeycomb)
Vector Network AnalyzerKeysight N5227B
Signal GeneratorKeysight M9383B; R&S SMW200A
Spectrum AnalyzerR&S FSW/FSU; Keysight PXA/PXB; Anritsu MS2850
Wireless Test SetE7515B UXM 5G; Anritsu MT8000A
Radar SimulatorR&S AREG100A