The RayOne RN200A OTA (Over-the-Air) test system is highly suitable to perform transceiver tests for 5G wireless UE and mmWave radar. It has a compact size, a large quiet zone, and is an all-in-one mmWave test solution. The RN200A provides a complete solution that can act both as a “test platform and test system.”

This is a general software platform and cloud service platform for R&D applications.  Engineers can verify a DUT’s OTA performance and perform signal processing and algorithm tests according to user requirements.

This system supports many functions: arbitrary vector signal generation (VSG), arbitrary vector signal analysis (VSA), spectrum analysis, and S21 amplitude/phase measurements. It also can be upgraded to perform mmWave radar/module phase and amplitude calibration and target simulation.

  • Compact size, large quiet zone, multi-function, an all-in-one mmWave OTA test system
  • Amplitude Variation <±1 dB
  • Phase Variation <±5°
  • Customizable test functions and test modes
  • Lightweight and small footprint, a versatile test tool
  • Built-in VSG/VSA function, supports measurements of passive, active, spectrum, and S21 amplitude/phase response
Passive TestAntenna pattern for 3/4 hemisphereS21 amplitude & phase response
Active Non-signaling TestTx TestTransmission Antenna Pattern, TRP, 3D beam scan, signal quality (frequency error, spherical coverage, LO leakage, EVM) Spectrum analysis (OBW, SEM, ACLR). Note: Tx signal can be a user-defined arbitrary wave
Rx TestRx power level, Rx sensitivity (DUT supports demodulation) Note: Receive arbitrary signal from DUT, then send data to PC for data/algorithm analysis
RF TestSpectrum analyzeObserve signal spectrum
Network analyzeS21 amplitude/phase response
Time domain analyzeAnalyze time-domain signal from DUT
OthersPhased-array antenna amplitude/phase calibration. Radar calibration, radar target simulationUpgradable
Weight< 100kg
PositionerPhi: -180°~180°
Theta: -135°~135°
Quiet Zone200mm × 200mm × 200mm
QZ Amplitude Variation< ±1dB
QZ Phase Variation< ±5°
Dimensions620mm × 945mm × 705mm (W × H x D)
Max. DUT Size200mm × 200mm × 200mm (W × H x D)
Max. DUT Weight< 5kg
Passive Test Accuracy< 1dB
TRP Accuracy< 1dB
Repeatability< 0.5dB