RayZone 1800 5G

RayZone 1800 is a 5G (FR1) SISO/MIMO Multi-Probe Antenna/OTA Test System.  Based on breakthrough theories and system design, RayZone systems can be configured flexibly to conduct any OTA task with the same accuracy and repeatability as a conventional large certification system, but with much higher speed and smaller floor space.

  • Comprehensive wireless standards: 2G/3G/4G/5G(FR1)/GNSS/A-GNSS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • IoT standards: LTE Cat NB1(NB-IoT)/Cat-M1(e-MTC)
  • SISO TRP/TIS/EIRP/EIS testing, 2×2 MIMO throughput testing
  • Passive antenna, Desense, and ICS testing
  • Frequency range: 600MHz-7.5GHz
  • GTS MaxSign 100 test software for antenna/OTA test with visual data analysis
  • Environment-friendly EPP rigid foam absorbers, low RCS/high gain antennas, and customized fixture
  • Fast MIMO testing, certified-level accuracy
  • Integrated design, plug & play, simple maintenance

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Equipment Supported

Refer to the product brochure for the latest list.


Refer to the product brochure for the latest specifications.